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2023 JSKA World Championships in Germany

The 10th JSKA World Karate Championships were hosted in Lübeck, Germany. JSKA South Africa was represented by a team of enthusiastic supporters, dedicated referees, committed coaches and loyal students returning home with 41 medals! Present at the event was 795 individual and team entries competing in 125 divisions over four days including a masters training camp, referee briefing and tournament on seven tatamis.
Good news is that Japan will host the next JSKA World Championships in 2025.

Kyu Grades Japan Certificates

From this year, JSKA South Africa is awarding Japan Kyu certificates to all colour belts. This is a first in South Africa!

The Karate Festival

In November, a Karate Festival will be hosted by the JSKA headquarters in Pretoria. The Festival will welcome countries from Africa and dojos from all over South Africa for a week-long event. The Festival will include various training seminars and workshops, a tournament and a Dan grading, amongst others.